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9: It's Always Beard Season
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May 9th, 2011 - 12:01am
Dave says... We're clearly just getting out of the "fuck personal grooming" stage and moving into the "celebration of new growth" stage here in Chicago.  Personally, "avoiding weird face tan" season is my favorite time of the year.

If you didn't read the announcement about the change in format around here, it's in the blog post for last week's comic.  I'm really having fun with this new comic format.  This is the first time since I started doing this that I have a backlog of comics.  I'm still playing around with some different art styles and layouts, so you'll probably see a lot of different things.

Also, you might notice that I added some social network sharing buttons to the site.  You, dear reader, should use them to share this comic all over the internet.  Trust me, you'll feel better when you do!
- Dave

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