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8: Bass VS Bass
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May 2nd, 2011 - 11:09pm
Dave says... I always found it annoying when people thought bass (as in bass guitar) was pronounced the same as bass (as in the fish).  Hopefully this should clear some things up.


As you may have noticed, things are slightly different around here (for example, this is comic #8 rather than #46).  I've been having a lot of fun doing what started out as "filler" comics when I didn't have time to do a full length comic that was part of the Mount Saint Awesome plot.  I felt like it was easier to be funny in these comics without the need balance plot progress with humor.  Also, I felt like the plot for the comic just wasn't progressing at a rate that let me develop the characters and tell a story at a timing I liked.  I just felt like it wasn't working well as a once a week(ish) update and there was no way I could do updates like that more than once a week.

So what happens now?  Well, first, I'm keeping the Mount Saint Awesome name but turning it more into a sort of autobiographical comic (though I reserve the right to completely make shit up, if I want) sort of in the style of Mitch Clem's My Stupid Life.  So, yes, this will still involve stuff about music, because that's part of my life, but it will also involve lots of other random things.  I'm excited to have a little bit looser format, I think I'll be able to have some fun with it.

So what about the archive of existing Mount Saint Awesome comics?  Well, I still really like the story of Bryan, Zach, and Nick starting a band.  I'd really like to continue that but I want to do it in a format that's right for the story.  I really liked the pacing of the Scott Pilgrim books, so that gave me the idea of releasing stories about Mount Saint Awesome, the band in an episodic fashion.  I'll be doing this under the name of "Mount Saint Awesome Presents..." and it will be stored under the extras section.  I divided up the existing comics that were part of the Mount Saint Awesome story into 3 episodes so far and I'll release new episodes when time permits me to write a full story arch.  This did mean removing all the existing comics from the archive, which makes me sad, as all the old urls no longer point to the comics they used to, but I figure my readership wasn't big enough for this to be a big deal yet.  This also meant the loss of all the comments, but there really weren't that many yet (hopefully that will change!).

So Mount Saint Awesome is now a kind of autobiographical, kind of fictional comic AND the name of the band in an episodic series of comics also housed on this site.  Hopefully that's not to confusing.  There IS an archive of this new-ish style work, that includes all the non-plot based comics I've drawn, plus a few random things that never got posted to the site.  For now, the update schedule stays weekly (on Mondays), though I'd love to post more often if I can.

I'm really excited about this change and I think it will produce some fun stuff.  I hope everybody enjoys it!
- Dave

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Bryan on May 3rd, 2011 9:11am

I think that's an awesome idea! I dig these shorts, but I'll definitely be looking forward to the episodes too.

sidehack on June 26th, 2011 10:49pm

I pronounce it as a fish just because it's funny. When playing Rock Band, we choose between Guitarzan and the Fisher Man.

Yep. Can't play a real instrument to save my life.

Catherine on July 6th, 2011 7:57pm

I just came back to check on the story and was confused by the new numbering this makes me slightly sad :(