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4: Guide To Gear
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March 22nd, 2011 - 1:26am
Dave says... In strict adherence to this guide my setup includes a Gibson SG, a Mesa Dual Rectifier half stack, and PBR.  If you REALLY want to buy some real gear (specifically some attractive cables) you should check out my friend Juli's Cordinated Cables.

So I'm hoping this will be the last short-form comic I'll have to do for a while (though they've been a fun way to keep updating while being REALLY busy).  I just finished up my master's degree last week, so hopefully I'll have some more free time and I can go back to the Mount Saint Awesome saga (I hope) you all know and love.

Speaking of Mount Saint Awesome, if you like comics about bands you should check out Nowhere Band.  I found it a few weeks ago and it's really good!
- Dave

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