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37: Finals Week
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December 9th, 2011 - 1:21am
Dave says... I apologize to all my studious readers if this comic was a little cruel.  After finishing my masters last Spring, this is the one of the first "finals weeks" in a long time where I haven't had to study and it feels pretty good.  I also spent a bunch of time today in the library at Berkeley doing my own work while Eileen and her classmates studied for their finals.  I was glad that I didn't have to take an exam tomorrow morning.

I do, in fact, have some of those books on my desk (hell, I even open them sometimes!), spend time drawing graphical models, and drink coffee while staring blankly at my computer screen, so this comic is a pretty accurate representation of what I've been doing.

Also, this week I picked up a copy of Manga Studio and started to play around with it.  I don't think I'm ready to go all digital yet, but I did draw a crappy comic about the cat wearing a jet pack!
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