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35: A Tribute To One of The Greatest Medical Minds of Our Time
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November 23rd, 2011 - 1:36pm
Dave says... Ok! If you've never read Doctor Cat, you're missing out on a hilarious and adorable comic by Sarah Sobole about a cat who is also a doctor.  I was reading through the archives and I got an idea for a strip staring the good doctor, so I figured I'd draw it up as a piece of fan art.

Doctor Cat is really fun to draw and so are blood and guts.  It's not often I get to draw something cute AND gory.  I hope this does the real comic justice and please go read the REAL Doctor Cat!

I hope everybody has a great T-Gives (that's how I assume cool people would say "Thanksgiving").  Enjoy your birdflesh!

And of course... VOTE!

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- Dave

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