So what's the deal here?

Mount Saint Awesome started out a web comic about some people in their 20's who are getting back into making music. As I got more into drawing comics it just made more sense to turn the comic into a sort of autobiographical (but still sometimes completely made up) comic. So some of this stuff will be based on things that really happened to me, some of it might be embelishments of real events, and some of it will just be complete lies.

Mount Saint Awesome updates on Mondays (haha, sure...) and, depending on my available time, some comics may come with extra goodies! For those of you who are big nerds, you can subscribe to the Mount Saint Awesome RSS Feed, if you're into that sort of thing.

Want to search the comics? Well, you can do that too... here!

So who's reponsible for this?

Hey, I'm Dave Schwantes, noted sauce aficionado and winner of the 2008 Easy On The Eyes Award. I'm a software developer in San Francisco and, as you may have guessed by this point, I write this comic. I spend a lot of my time building nerdy things, drinking coffee, playing music. You can check out my blog/website, Dinosaurs Eat Everybody, if you're REALLY committed to stalking me. Just sayin'...